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Client / Attorney Tips

  • Check qualifications: Verify a lawyer's credibility with your local Bar Association or the state's Clerk of the Supreme Court before deciding to hire that individual.
  • Find out what it costs: In addition to discussing your legal issues with a prospective attorney, be sure you understand the related costs involved in your representation before signing an agreement or establishing relationship with an attorney.
  • Communicate: Keep the lines of communication open between yourself and your attorney by making certain you are both aware of any new or unexpected events that may come up during the course of the case.
  • Ask Questions: Address any concerns or questions you may have about your case or the handling of your case immediately with your attorney.
  • Be prepared: Be ready for every appointment by having any previously discussed documents or information prepared and available for review.
  • Check the details: Upon completion of your case or issue, request an itemized bill for your review. Discuss immediately any discrepancies or charges you don't fully understand with your attorney.
  • Be patient: Remember that although your legal needs are very important, attorneys can have hectic schedules and may not always be available when you call. Please be patient until the attorney can return your call or schedule a phone or in-person appointment


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