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Marion Superior Court Probate Adult Guardian Ad Litem Program

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At Risk Elders in Marion County Need You!

Help your community by volunteering to be a guardian ad litem for an alleged incapacitated adult.

What: The Estate Planning and Administration Section, with the help of Hon. Steven Eichholtz, Marion County Probate Judge, has created a program to train attorneys to act as volunteer guardians ad litem in contested guardianship matters.  

Do I need to be an experienced probate or family lawyer?  No.  Lawyers from all practice areas are encouraged to volunteer, and no prior guardianship experience is required.  A training session will be held to educate volunteers on the statutes and local rules applicable to guardianships, as well as the procedure for acting as a guardian ad litem (see below).  Lawyers who previously have served as a guardian ad litem or an attorney of record for a party in at least two guardianship cases will be eligible to serve immediately after completing the training session.  All others will be given the opportunity to shadow another guardian ad litem in two cases before serving alone as a guardian ad litem.   

Will I receive CLE credit?  Yes.  Lunch and 4.5 hours of CLE credit (including 1 hour of ethics credit) will be provided, free of charge, to those who attend the training session and volunteer to act as guardian ad litem for at least one case.  Time spent volunteering may qualify as pro bono hours reportable when you register with the Supreme Court each year.

How do I get involved?  Sign up for the training session and submit your contact information.

Training session:
Live: September 28, 2016, 9 a.m. to 2:05 p.m.
IndyBar Education Center, 135 N. Pennsylvania Street, Ste. 1500

Forms:  The following forms have been drafted for use by the Court and volunteer guardians ad litem.  The Court may modify these forms from time to time.  If you have comments or questions about the draft forms, please feel free to contact the steering committee using the link below.

Order Appointing Guardian Ad Litem.
Acceptance and Oath of Guardian Ad Litem.
Recommendations and Report of Guardian Ad Litem.

Questions?  Email the steering committee!

Sean Obermeyer:
April Risk Arnett:
Bradley Dougherty:

Thank you for your willingness to serve your community!



Sign up to be a Guardian Ad Litem today!

Volunteer Form: Please submit your contact information here.  


Order Appointing Guardian Ad Litem
Acceptance and Oath of Guardian Ad Litem
Recommendations and Report of Guardian


Email the steering committee!

Sean Obermeyer:
April Risk Arnett:
Bradley Dougherty: