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Practice Pointers: Navigating Administrative Proceedings with Advice from the Bench and Bar
Product ID: WLD08092016W
Learn from the experts! Witness a round table discussion to learn about the “dos” and “don’ts” of administrative proceedings. The two speakers, Nikki Shoultz, a partner at Bose McKinney & Evans LLP, an...
"How Exactly Do I Get Clients?" Q&A Session With IndyBar Rainmakers
Product ID: NET10122016W
Whether you're a young associate or a mid-level practitioner, being a "rainmaker" is essential to thriving in the private practice. When it comes to being ethically appropriate, sometimes things can ge...
10 Takeaways for Understanding Insurance Coverage
Product ID: INS343W
1031 Seminar - Traps for the Unwary
Product ID: LND240W
Come to this CLE for a review of more advanced issues regarding 1031 transactions.
2015 Appellate Case Update
Product ID: APP1265W
What happens in 2015 doesn’t necessarily stay in 2015, at least when it comes to legal developments! Come to this seminar to learn about the appellate cases from the past year that will most likely imp...
2015 Brownfields Update: Cases and Experiences from the City and State
Product ID: ENV981W
2015 Indiana State Commercial Law Update
Product ID: CMB345W
2016 Indiana State Commercial Law Update
Product ID: CMB03292017W
2016 Patent Law in Review (plus some of 2017 sprinkled in...)
Product ID: INP04122017W
2016 Trademark and Copyright Law Year in Review
Product ID: INP04192017W
2016 Update on IP and the Music Industry: Digital Issues, Case Updates and Other Developments
Product ID: SEL12062016W
2017 Appellate Roundtable
Product ID: APP10112017W
2017 Business Law Legislative Update
Product ID: BUS06272017W
2017 Health Law Legislative Update
Product ID: HLT05172017W
A Practical Lesson: 10 Steps for Navigating Insurance Policies
Product ID: INS02162017W
A Sky High View of Drone Law
Product ID: GOV10202016W
Alternative Dispute Resolution and Mediation: What Do Judges Expect?
Product ID: ADR09192017W
Am I In the Right Court? Venue and Personal Jurisdiction
Product ID: LIT241W
First, you get a case. Then, you go to court – but which court? Consider this CLE your roadmap for confidently knowing the next step! Sam Laurin will be your Siri, directing you through an in-depth ana...
Amendments to Federal Rules 26 and 34 - Employment Discovery Disputes
Product ID: LAB05242016W
An Introduction to Estate Planning – From Powers of Attorneys to Last Will and Testaments and Living Trusts
Product ID: EST03232017W
An Overview of Comprehensive Changes to Admission & Discipline Rule 23
Product ID: IBA03012017W
An Overview of, and Recent Developments Under, the Indiana Product Liability Act
Product ID: PAR866W
There is one mechanism to evaluate claims of personal injury and property damage allegedly caused by products: the Indiana Product Liability Act. If you handle cases in these areas, you need to know th...
Analysis of Indiana’s Abortion Legislation (House Enrolled Act 1337)
Product ID: WLD07272016W
Annual Southern District of Indiana Bankruptcy Case Update and Practice Pointers
Product ID: CMB10202016W
Annual Southern District of Indiana Bankruptcy Case Update and Practice Pointers
Product ID: CMB10242017W
Appeals for Rookies
Product ID: APP11092017W
New to oral arguments? Have the occasional appellate client? Don't go in blind: move outside your comfort zone and join us at this program for expert tips for basic appellate practice. Our speaker, a h...
Appellate Roundtable
Product ID: APP10252016W
Before you approach the bench, how about you take a seat? Join this small group, roundtable CLE to discuss appellate court practices with two esteemed judges. Justice Geoffrey G. Slaughter of the In...
Arbitration Clauses: What You Need to Know
Product ID: BUS05222017W
Associate 101 Series: Taking the Next Step
Product ID: YLD962W
Attorney and Accountant Privileges in Tax Practice
Product ID: TAX1264W
Do you do tax law? Do you want to do it better? Come to this CLE to step up your practice before the New Year hits. This program will cover the federally authorized tax practitioner-client privilege, i...
Attorney Surrogate: More Likely Than You Think
Product ID: FAM11012016W
Attorneys or Acrobats: Strategies for Balancing Time and Due Process in Administrative Hea
Product ID: HLT762W
Don’t let your next administrative hearing become a circus starring an attorney-turned-acrobat act. Attend this CLE to learn how to balance the various needs of the parties involved in administrative h...
Bankruptcy Law 411: New Forms, Rule Changes and Practice Pointers
Product ID: CMB245W
Start the new year by learning what’s new in bankruptcy law. This seminar will cover the new forms, recent rule changes and practice pointers that will help you stay on top. You’ll learn from an experi...
Bar Boost: Marketing Your Brand
Product ID: LSD351W
Make your mark. Find out how effective marketing is not only important, but also entirely doable for attorneys who are early in the game.
Bench Trial Skills Series: Conducting a Bench Trial
Product ID: LIT07182017W
Bench Trial Skills Series: Equitable Remedies: Business Related Receiverships
Product ID: LIT04182017W
Bench Trial Skills Series: Litigating Injunctions and Other Equitable Relief
Product ID: LIT03212017W
Bench Trial Skills Series: Preparing for a Bench Trial
Product ID: LIT05162017W
Beyond Conflicts – Ethics for Litigators
Product ID: LIT975W
Litigators are confronted with many ethical issues that are specific to their practice. Attend this lively program to avoid falling prey to the situations commonly encountered by litigators. This sessi...
Beyond the Numbers: A Discussion on the Finer Points of Mediation
Product ID: YLD07252017W
Business Law Skills Series: Ethics Basics for the Business Lawyer
Product ID: BUS570W
Business lawyers face a wide range of ethical dilemmas. This Business Law Skills Series session covers diverse ethics topics to ensure you steer clear of potential pitfalls in your practice. Learn more...
Business Law Skills Series: Hot Topics in Securities Law and Capital Raising Techniques
Product ID: BUS670W
Federal and state securities laws and regulations have never been more complicated, and compliance with these rules has never been more challenging for companies seeking to raise capital. But with thes...
Business Law Skills Series: Introduction to Legal Issues in Startup Financing
Product ID: BUS1280W
Startup companies have special needs when it comes to financing. When you’re helping a client through this process, you’ll have needs too – for the information covered in this session! This program wil...
Business Law Skills Series: Investor-Side Protections and Deal Points
Product ID: BUS1244
Business Law Skills Series: Legislative Update
Product ID: BUS544W
Business Law Skills Series: Letters of Intent and Similar Comfort Instruments: Enforceability an
Product ID: BUS944W
Business Law Skills Series: Recent Trends in Third Party Opinions
Product ID: BUS870W
Giving a third-party opinion isn’t exactly a piece of cake. There are trends, decisions and techniques to think about. Consider this CLE your cooking class 101: expert speakers will take all the ingred...
Business Law Skills Series: Structuring and Negotiating Earn-outs in Transactions So Your Client Gets Paid...Hopefully
Product ID: BUS1144W
Business Law Skills Series: What Every Lawyer Needs to Know About LLC Operating Agreements
Product ID: BUS1044W
Can I See Proof of Insurance? The Impact of Insurance Coverage Issues on Personal Injury Cases
Product ID: INS09262016W
Case Investigation and Evaluation
Product ID: LIT341W
Changes in the Child Support Guidelines
Product ID: ADR05192016W
Chapter 12 Bankruptcy: Recent Issues and Developments
Product ID: CMB05252017W
CHINS: What You Need To Know
Product ID: FAM09262017W
Commercial Guarantees: Before and After Execution
Product ID: LND765W
There are many sides to commercial guarantees. Whether you find yourself on the front end of one and are tasked with initially drafting it, or you find yourself on the back end trying to enforce or def...
Commercial Real Estate Forms Update
Product ID: LND10052017W
Common Errors Found in Consumer Cases
Product ID: CMB1161W
Do you practice in consumer bankruptcy cases? Do you want a CLE that’s all about you? You got it! This seminar will provide practice tips specifically geared toward consumer bankruptcy attorneys. The i...
Complying with APRA and the Open Door Laws
Product ID: GOV11072017W
Confidentiality in the Trial and Appellate Courts
Product ID: APP04132017W
Now that e-filing is here, confidentiality concerns are even greater than before. At this program, our speaker will discuss Administrative Rule 9 and Appellate Rule 23(F) as well as provide practical a...
Considerations When Mediating with Pro Se Parties
Product ID: ADR1261W
Learn how to effectively mediate without attorneys and avoid the pitfalls that often accompany mediating with pro se participants when you attend this CLE! The panel, which features three expert profes...
Consignment Agreements Under UCC Article 9
Product ID: BUS744W
Consumer Finance Claims
Product ID: CMB08032017W
Continuation of "Taking Better Depositions and Making Your Practice Profitable"
Product ID: PAR05102017W
Get ready for part 2: Take a seat at this program for a continuation on last year's smash-hit seminar, "Taking Better Depositions and Making Your Practice Profitable." We'll bring back Brian Zoeller an...
COPE & FIT 101: The Basics and Benefits of Divorce Classes
Product ID: FAM08162017W
Corporate Counsel Roundtable: What It's Really Like to be Involved in Sports
Product ID: SEL08232016W
Corporate Documents and Minimizing Risk of Disputes
Product ID: PAR08162016W
When it comes to minimizing risk, understanding the best practices can mean a better outcome for you and your client. Don't miss this program, where a corporate lawyer and a litigator will discuss stra...
Defending Federal Criminal Fraud Cases
Product ID: PAR08232016
To successfully represent white collar criminal defendants, an attorney must have a clear understanding of the facts of the case, as well as a firm grasp on the criminal court’s processes and procedure...
Designing and Drafting Trust Protector Provisions
Product ID: EST881W
If you practice estate planning law, then you’ve probably noticed a trend: the use of “trust protector” provisions is becoming increasingly common. Why is that, and how can you be better prepared? Come...
Developments in Patent Law: 35 USC § 112¶1, and Inequitable Conduct
Product ID: INP10122017W
Developments in Patent Law: 35 USC §§ 101 and 112(f)
Product ID: INP11082017W
Direct and Cross Exam
Product ID: LIT475W
Few things are more important at trial than witness testimony, and as lawyers, you need to know how to elicit the information that is important to your case. This CLE will teach you how to do just that...
Don’t Make Me Pick! Effectively Interviewing Children Involved in Domestic Relations Litigation
Product ID: ADR12072016W
E-Discovery 101: A How-To Guide on Legal Holds, the 26(f) Conference and Production
Product ID: INF03232017W
E-Discovery and Protective Orders
Product ID: LAB08232017W
This second session in the Labor & Employment Law Section’s 2017 Judicial Speaker Series will feature Magistrate Judge Tim Baker and experienced panelists from both the plaintiffs and defense bar. At t...
EEOC's Proposed Retaliation Guidance: The Potential Impact on Retaliation Claims from Plaintiff's Counsel and Defendant's Counsel
Product ID: PAR04152016
Times are changing when it comes to retaliation claims. The EEOC issued new proposed guidance on retaliation claims for the first time in 18 years in January 2016 and the comment period closed at the e...