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Our History

Our History

On November 30, 1878, in the law offices of Dye & Harris, forty prominent Indianapolis attorneys, including future U.S. President Benjamin Harrison and U.S. Vice President Charles W. Fairbanks, met in the hopes of creating a common organization "in which lawyers may exchange ideas, maintain the honor and dignity of the profession of law, cultivate social intercourse among its members and increase the usefulness in promoting the due administration of justice." And under the leadership of IBA's first president Napoleon B. Taylor, the Indianapolis Bar Association was formed.

In the association's original bylaws, the founding members set the course for the future by making provisions for committees on admission, amendments of the law, grievances, liaison with the judiciary and legal education. The association's first priority was to form a law library and reading room for use by judges, attorneys and students, and by 1910 over 7,000 volumes had been acquired.

And while the Indianapolis Bar Association has grown considerably from its first 40 members to over 5,100 today, it still strives to fulfill many of the original ideals and commitments as it is guided by a new, yet similar, mission statement-to serve our members, promote justice and enhance the legal profession.

IndyBar Leaders

The Indianapolis Bar Association is fortunate to have been led by many hard working, talented and visionary presidents since its inception in 1878. See below for a listing of the bar's past presidents.

2018 James J. Bell
2017 Nissa M. Ricafort
2016 Hon Robyn. L. Moberly
2015 John C. Trimble
2014 Jefferey A. Abrams
2013 Kerry Hyatt Blomquist
2012 A. Scott Chinn
2011 Michael J. Hebenstreit
2010 Christine H. Hickey
2009 James H. Voyles Jr.
2008 Daniel J. Buba
2007 Kevin P. McGoff
2006 Cynthia J. Ayers
2005 John F. Kautzman
2004 Gary L. Klotz
2003 Gary L. Miller
2002 John R. Maley
2001 James Dimos
2000 Karen C. Turner
1999 C. Joseph Russell
1998 Phil L. Isenbarger
1997 George A. Buskirk, Jr.
1996 Neil E. Shook
1995 Harry V. Huffman
1994 Thomas L. Davis
1993 Kristin G. Fruehwald
1992 Robert C. Hagemier
1991 Thomas Q. Henry
1990 Donald W. Buttrey
1989 Mary Y. Marsh
1988 S.R. (Chic) Born
1987 James S. Kirsch
1986 Robert F. Zoccola
1985 Michael R. Maine
1984 D. William Cramer
1983 Eugene E. Henn
1982 G. Weldon Johnson
1981 Donald L. Jackson
1980 Raymond Good
1979 F. Boyd Hovde
1978 Joseph N. Myers
1977 F. Emerson Boyd
1976 Howard S. Young
1975 Keith C. Reese
1974 Douglass R. Shortridge
1973 Karl J. Stipher
1972 William J. Wood
1971 Kenneth Foster
1970 Philip S. Kappes
1969 John M. Kitchen
1968 Paul H. Buchanan, Jr.
1967 C. Wendell Martin
1966 Ben J. Weaver
1965 Francis M. Hughes
1964 Charles B. Feibleman
1963 Charles D. Babcock
1962 Erle A. Kightlinger
1961 John W. Houghton
1960 Gustav H. Dongus
1959 Floyd R. Mannon
1958 David M. Lewis
1957 Howard P. Travis
1956 Elbert Giliom
1955 Irving M. Fauvre
1954 John K. Ruckleshaus
1953 Paul N. Rowe
1952 Herman W. Kothe
1951 Floyd W.  Burns
1950 Charles C. Baker
1949 Herbert E. Wilson
1948 Alan W. Boyd
1947 William H. Wemmer
1946 Theodore L. Locke
1945 Jeremiah L. Cadick
1944 Harvey B. Hartsock
1943 Harvey A. Graybill
1942 B. Howard Caughran
1941 Fred C. Gause
1940 Samuel Dowden
1939 Clarence F. Merrell
1938 Thomas D. Stevenson
1937 Russell Wilson
1936 Hubert Hickam
1935 Carl Wilde
1934 Frank C. Dailey
1933 Homer Elliott
1932 Paul G. Davis
1931 Howard S. Young
1930 William L. Taylor
1929 Michael E. Foley
1928 Emsley W. Johnson
1927 Samuel Ashby
1926 James M. Ogden
1925 Lawrence B. Davis
1924 Charles E. Cox
1923 Earl R. Conder
1922 Lewis A. Coleman
1921 Larz A. Whitcomb
1920 William P. Kappes
1919 Henry H. Hornbrook
1918 Aquilla Q. Jones
1917 Elmer E. Stevenson
1916 James W. Fesler
1915 Charles Remster
1914 Charles W. Moores
1913 Ernest R. Keith
1912 Cassius C. Shirley
1911 William A. Pickens
1910 Charles Martindale
1909 Albert Baker
1908 James P. Baker
1907 Merrill Moores
1907 Lawson M. Harvey
1906 John E. Scott
1905 John B. Elam
1904 Daniel W. Howe
1903 Nathan Morris
1903 Lewis Newberger
1902 Alexander C. Ayres
1901 Ovid B. Jameson
1900 John S. Duncan
1899 Lewis C. Walker
1898 Charles A. Dryer
1897 Edward Daniels
1896 Samuel O. Pickens
1895 Henry Clay Allen
1894 Roscoe O. Hawkins
1893 Silas M. Shepard
1892 Charles W. Smith
1891 William A. Ketcham
1890 Addison C. Harris
1899 Thomas L. Sullivan
1888 Solomon Claypool
1887 Ferdinand Winter
1886 Livingston Howland
1885 William H. H. Miller
1884 William H. H. Miller
1883 Addison C. Harris
1882 Myron B. Williams
1881 Horatio C. Newcomb
1880 Horatio C. Newcomb
1879 Oscar B. Hord
1878 Napoleon B. Taylor


Indianapolis Bar Association (IndyBar) est. 1878 | 4,536 Members (as of 2.3.20)