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Posted on: Jul 8, 2019

The nominations for IndyBar’s 2020 Board of Directors are now open, and it’s up to you to help determine the future of your local bar association! Several positions, noted below, will be available in 2020.

Interested? Complete the nomination form, found at indybar.org/board, by August 23. Self-nominations are encouraged, as well as nominations of colleagues. Even if you aren’t selected for the board, every effort will be made to find another rewarding volunteer position for you within the IndyBar.

The following vacancies exist for the coming year and must be filled by an attorney member. Board service will begin on January 1, 2020.

  • 1st Vice President (serves one-year term and will automatically assume the office of President Elect in 2021)
  • Treasurer (two-year term, 2020 and 2021)
  • At-Large Member of Board of Managers (five positions, each two-year terms, 2020 and 2021)

The 2020 IndyBar Board of Directors will be led by Andrew Campbell, Faegre Baker Daniels LLP. Jimmie McMillian of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway will assume the role of President Elect.

Learn More: Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the ideal board candidate?
There is no “ideal” board candidate. Instead, the IndyBar wants its board to include individuals with diverse practice and life backgrounds so that the board can make well-rounded decisions that reflect the entire membership. The association seeks true diversity in its board, and the nominating committee will endeavor to choose a slate of nominees that reflects geographic, ethnic, minority, gender and practice area diversity while recognizing leadership and service to the association.

What do board volunteers do?
Board members are responsible for strategically thinking, planning and evaluating on behalf of the association. While association staff and volunteers typically execute IndyBar programs, the board is responsible for adding energy to the ideas and policies generated, elevating the positive profile of the association and its endeavors, and planning for the needs of central Indiana lawyers. Excellent board members are prepared, keep their commitments, speak their minds, build relationships within the board, adapt personal experiences to make the association more dynamic and understand the resources available within the association.

What do board volunteers get in return for their service?
Previous IndyBar Board members have attested to the tremendous value of board service. In addition to impressive line items for their resumes, they have reported significant professional and personal benefits, including: the opportunity to meet, work with and learn from community leaders; the chance to share their own knowledge, expertise and training with others; professional recognition that elevates their stature within the community at large; valuable work experience that opens the door to new career opportunities; and relationships with new friends and lifelong mentors. 

How much time does board service require?
Although board members must be willing to invest time preparing for and thoughtfully participating in board meetings, the time commitment is not onerous. The board meets at least nine times a year for no more than one and a half hours, has a two and a half hour summer assessment progress meeting and holds an overnight planning retreat every November. Board members are expected to attend the Bench Bar Conference and serve as a board liaison to a committee or working group and miscellaneous other educational programs and activities. 

How do I nominate a candidate?
Complete the online nomination at indybar.org/board. The IndyBar will then contact the candidate with the link to the board application.

Can I nominate myself?
Yes. IndyBar members may nominate themselves for board service by following the same procedures they would use in order to nominate someone else. 

What’s the nomination process?
Submit your nomination at indybar.org/board through August 23, 2019. Nominated members will be asked to supply more information to the nominating committee following the deadline. The committee will then review the nominations based on the criteria and will request interviews with all candidates. All IndyBar members submitting letters of interest will receive an interview. Once interviews are completed, the committee will then recommend one candidate per position for the slate, which will be presented at a board of directors meeting. The board of directors will vote on the slate, and it will be posted on the IndyBar website within ten business days.

What if I’m nominated, but not selected?
There are usually more applicants than spots available, so it is likely that well-qualified, interviewed candidates will not be slated. A member of the nominating committee will telephone all interviewed candidates with the goal of speaking with each within five business days. Those not slated will be given the contact information for the President-Elect and will be encouraged to discuss the myriad other volunteer opportunities within IndyBar for the coming year. It is the association’s goal to enhance the engagement opportunities for all members.

Who can answer other questions that I have?
For more information about the nominating process, or about nominating criteria, contact IndyBar Executive Director Julie Armstrong or 317-269-2000.


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