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Criminal Justice Section




The purpose of the IndyBar Criminal Justice section is to promote the objects of the Association within the field of criminal law. The Section studies and reports upon the proposed, necessary and desirable Federal and State legislation; encourages members of the Association interested in the problems of criminal law matters throughout Indiana to meet and confer upon their various problems through this Section; promotes the legal education of members of the Bar and the public on the problems of criminal law through the sponsoring of meetings, institutes and conferences and by preparing and publishing legal writings in the field of criminal law.
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A Message from the Section Chair

Refer a Client to the Criminal Modest Means Panel

The IndyBar Modest Means Project provides legal services to persons who do not qualify for other forms of legal assistance or other no fee (pro bono) services, and who cannot afford to pay attorney fees at rates that would ordinarily be charged.

The IndyBar Criminal Modest Means Panel covers all matters related to legal advice and representation in all courts of criminal jurisdiction in Marion Superior Courts, including Traffic Court 13 and Community Court 12. For a person to qualify for a referral to a modest means panel attorney, that person must be referred by a judicial officer of the Marion Superior Court Criminal Division or by an IndyBar attorney member. For more information and the online form, click here.

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Interested in getting involved with the IndyBar Criminal Justice Section? Fill out this form for more information on committee positions and volunteer opportunities.

Marion Superior Court Probation Department Phone Lists:

  • Click here for the Juvenile Division phone list by office.
  • Click here for the Adult Division phone list by office.
  • Click here for the Adult Division phone list in alphabetical order.

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Jennifer Harrison
Lewis and Wilkins LLP

Daniel Cicchini
Marion county Prosecutor's Office

John Gallo
Marion county Public Defender Agency

Shaunestte Terrell
Indiana Prosecuting Attorneys Council

Jeffrey Baldwin
Voyles Vaiana Lukemeyer Baldwin & Webb

Andrew Fogle
Marion County Prosecutor's Office

K. Michael Gaerte
Bingham Greenebaum Doll LLP

The Hon. Amy M. Jones
Marion Superior Court

The Hon. Christina R. Klineman
Marion Superior Court

Ryan Mears
Marion County Prosecutor's Office

The Hon. James K. Snyder
Marion Superior Court

Jessica Cicchini
Marion County Public Defender Agency

Brett Thomas
Marion County Public Defender Agency

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The Criminal Justice section hosts quarterly social events for Indy practitioners. Check this page for details on the next event.
Section News Posts
We welcome submissions!
The Criminal Justice Section Executive Committee welcomes blog submissions which will enlighten and educate members of our section. Please be advised that submissions will be reviewed prior to posting and may be edited for content, clarity and space limitations. Submissions should be sent to Kara Sikorski at ksikorski@indybar.org
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