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Guided Choice Mediation: An Approach to Controlling the High Cost of Arbitration and Litigation
Posted on: Jan 18, 2018

Where guided choice mediation is utilized, the parties agree on the selection of a mediator whose role it is to assist them, in the early stages of a dispute, in achieving a timely resolution of that dispute.

What is Collaborative Practice?
Posted on: Nov 9, 2017

There is a growing movement among family law practioners to use collaborative practice for handling marriage dissolutions. It also has applications for resolving trust and estate disputes, as well as other civil law matters. What is collaborative practice?

Using Premortems to Test an Agreement's Viability
Posted on: Oct 31, 2017

As mediators, we can help the parties think through all of the potential problems with a settlement agreement before it is signed. One way to do this is to conduct a “premortem” with each party.

Join the ADR Section Executive Committee!
Posted on: Oct 23, 2017

The Alternative Dispute Resolution Section of the IndyBar is in the process of selecting its slate for the 2018 Executive Committee. The section currently has an active Executive Committee whose members are required to meet once each month to plan and execute social events, educational programming and community service initiatives, all focused on providing benefits to the ADR Section and broader IndyBar membership.

In Praise of (Good) Disagreements
Posted on: Oct 11, 2017

While most people shy away from disagreements, even in mediation settings, this article highlights the need for good disagreements that allow for true conflict resolution, instead of simply trying to avoid the conflict altogether.

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