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Social Security: Preparing for Retirement (1 General Credit) - Indy Store

Social Security: Preparing for Retirement (1 General Credit)

Date: 11/06/2020

Credit Hour(s)
General Credit – 1 Hour
Ethics Credit – 0 Hour
CME Credit – 0 Hour
NLS Credit – 0 Hour

Continuing Legal Education

Each person’s retirement income picture is going to be different. Some people may have a pension from an employer or from a job years ago.  Many people likely have a 401(k) or IRA. Some people may keep on working or have a rental property that will provide additional income.

All of these sources factor into an individual’s income—what to take and when to take it. During this program, we'll take a closer look at the social security component.

Tune in as we review the important components of social security benefits. We begin with a discussion of how social security benefits are calculated and then talk about the option that may be available for anyone who has ever been married. And end with everyone’s favorite topic: the role of taxes in a retirement plan. 




Nicole McGoff, Merrill Lynch; Dave Ghormley, MFS Investment Management 


NOTE: Once you review the program in its entirety, the IndyBar will report all credits earned within 10 days of completion directly to the Indiana Commission for Continuing Legal Education. Posting by the Indiana CLE Commission of the credit to your CLE transcript may take 30 days. Additionally, there are codes provided to the live audience during this webinar to verify attendance.  Those viewing this recording do not need to report those codes.


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