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Family Law Forms Bundle

Date: 07/24/2020

Get the legal documents you need in one convenient package! Download and purchase the Family Law Forms Bundle.

Forms included in this bundle: Initial Divorce Appearance; Appearance; Notice of Completion of Temporary or Limited Representation; Verified Petition for Dissolution of Marriage; Petitioners verified praecipe for provisional hearing; Order to appear for provisional hearing; Summons; Summons 2; Waiver of Service; Verified Waiver of Service; Joint motion to waive COPE class and order; Decree of Dissolution of Marriage; Verified Stipulation of Paternity; Motion for Custody Evaluation; Order Granting Motion for Custody Evaluation; Requests for Production of Documents; Request for Production of Documents to a Non-Party; Motion to compel discovery responses; Order to compel discovery; Notice of Deposition and Subpoena Duces Tecum; Request for Findings and Conclusions Under Trial Rule 52; Letter to nonparty with discovery requests; Letter to opposing counsel’s office regarding non-party requests; Alias Order to Appear; Business Record Affidavit; Proposed Final Agreement Pro Se Respondent; Notice of Change of Counsel’s Address; Admin Rule 9 Notice of Filing a GAL Report; Admin Rule 9 Notice of Tendering GAL Report; Affidavit; Agreed Entry; Consent to Name Change of a Minor Child; Dissolution of Marriage with Children 2; Exhibit Index; Family Law Commitment to Respect and Civility – Marion County; Form 47 Financial Dec; GAL Report Template; Guardian Oath; Motion for Continuance; Order for Continuance; Motion for In-Camera Interview; Order for In Camera Interview; Motion for leave to withdraw appearance; Order for leave to withdraw appearance; Motion for release of DRCB; Order for release of DCRB; Motion to appoint ILAS as mediator; Motion to Correct Errors; TR 52 request for findings of fact and conclusions of law; TR 52 order for findings of fact and conclusions of law; Notice of Submission of Findings of Fact; Notice of Tender of Proposed Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law; Proposed findings of fact and conclusions of law; Notice to Preserve Evidence; Petition for allocation of college expenses and request for hearing; Petition to emancipate and request for hearing; Order to emancipate; Praecipe for service of summons and notice by publication; Proposed order; Request for interrogatories; Verified Motion to Dismiss Petition for Dissolution of Marriage; Verified Petition for Rule to Show Cause; Waiver of final hearing


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