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Free Live Webinar: COVID-19 Guidance for Employers & Individuals

Date: 03/13/2020

This webinar features infectious disease physician Dr. Mark R. Bochan, MD, PhD, FIDSA who addresses medical issues including prevention measures, incubation period, and risks, while Amy Adolay, Krieg DeVault LLP shares essential information regarding various legal considerations, considerations for individuals and what employers need to know to prepare their business and protect employees. Scott Morrisson, Krieg DeVault LLP, also shares information regarding cancellation of events related to the pandemic and force majeure clauses.

Employment-related legal questions addressed include:


  •     What provisions should be made for parents of children whose schools are closed?
  •     Can an employer restrict travel to all locations under a CDC travel advisory?
  •     Can I restrict my employees from traveling on Spring Break?
  •     Can I require employees to stay home if they are sick?
  •     Can I require employees to wash their hands?
  •     What can I do if I suspect an employee has COVID-19?

The speakers also answer questions from webinar participants.


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