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Trusteed IRAs vs. IRAs with Trust Beneficiary (1 General Credit) - Indy Store

Trusteed IRAs vs. IRAs with Trust Beneficiary (1 General Credit)

Date: 11/08/2019

Credit Hour(s)
General Credit – 1 Hour
Ethics Credit – 0 Hour
CME Credit – 0 Hour
NLS Credit – 0 Hour

Continuing Legal Education

A trusteed IRA is a form of individual retirement account where the financial institution holding the IRA operates it as a trust (for which the institution serves as trustee), rather than simply as a custodial account that the institution holds. Trusteed IRAs are a fairly new option and are often misunderstood by practitioners.

Tune in to this seminar for a review of trusteed IRAs, advice on when to consider recommending one to a client and tips on how to draft a trust and beneficiary designation to continue the benefit of the IRA after client’s death. Our discussion will include comparing and contrasting trusteed IRAs and IRAs with trust beneficiaries.

Jay Gleason, Morgan Stanley; Polly Inboden, Comerica Bank & Trust; Elizabeth Schlueter, SchlueterBreman LLC

Please note: Once you review the program in its entirety, the IndyBar will report all credits earned within 10 days of completion directly to the Indiana Commission for Continuing Legal Education. Posting by the Indiana CLE Commission of the credit to your CLE transcript may take up to 30 days. 




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