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Law Firm Finances Bundle

Date: 05/26/2020

Law Practice Management Bundle

When you purchase a Law Practice Management Bundle, you will receive a link to each individual program. The programs can be watched one-by-one; they do not all need to be watched at one time. Please note: program links are valid for 45 days following the purchase of the bundle. These law practice management programs are not eligible for CLE credit.

Law Firm Finances Bundle
You’ve got a basic idea about law firm financing but there are also higher level concepts of which you should be aware.  More to the point, there are useful financial management techniques that lawyers should be applying to their law firms...but don’t.

It’s time to change that.

In this series, we talk about high-end financial management strategies that you can apply to your law firm, in order to build your revenue in a more effective way.

Programs included in this bundle:

  • Law Firm Finances - Numbers Game, Part 1: Creating and Managing a Budget  
  • Law Firm Finances - Numbers Game, Part 2: Projecting Revenue 
  • Law Firm Finances - Numbers Game, Part 3: Data Analytics 

Speaker: Jared Correia, Red Cave Legal

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