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Alternative Dispute Resolution Bundle (3 General Credits, 3 CME, 1 Ethics) - Indy Store

Alternative Dispute Resolution Bundle (3 General Credits, 3 CME, 1 Ethics)

Date: 05/05/2020

Credit Hour(s)
General Credit – 3 Hours
Ethics Credit – 1 Hour
CME Credit – 3 Hours
NLS Credit – 0 Hour

Continuing Legal Education Bundle

When you purchase an Online CLE Bundle, you will receive a link to each individual program. The programs can be watched one-by-one; they do not all need to be watched at one time. Please note: program links are valid for 45 days following the purchase of the bundle.

If you're interested in mediation credit, we've pulled together a CLE package just for you.  This bundle includes the following online seminars.

  • Deconstructing Arbitration (1 general, 1 CME)

The American Arbitration Association has developed sample clauses designed to assist individuals and organizations in developing clear and effective arbitration and mediation agreements. Using the model commercial arbitration clause as a guide, a panel of experienced arbitrators and litigators highlight elements to consider when drafting, enforcing and implementing the terms of a commercial arbitration clause and help practitioners understand the contours of the arbitration proceeding to which their clients have been asked to agree—or have already agreed. Our panel also discusses practical tips to help you take control of the arbitration process, keep costs down and get a timely, effective resolution, as well as enforce arbitral awards in federal and Indiana courts.​

Featuring: William A. Baten and John Van Winkle, Van Winkle Baten Dispute Resolution; Jason L. Fulk, Hoover Hull Turner LLP

  • Liens, Liens, Go Away (1 general, 1 CME)

There are only so many pieces in the personal injury pie. Policy limits coupled with large liens owed to medical care providers or other entities can create impasse by leaving too little of the "pie" for the client. Negotiating with lien holders can provide win-win-win solutions for all those wanting their share and move personal injury mediations from impasse to resolution.

Lien reduction can be the difference in settling cases or not settling cases in personal injury mediations, yet few attorneys and mediators regularly use lien reduction. This seminar provides tips for lien reduction so that attorneys and mediators can add another important tool to their alternative dispute resolution toolbox.

Featuring: Krysten LeFavour, Craig Kelly & Faultless LLC

  • A Practical Discussion of Common Ethical Issues in Mediation (1 general, 1 CME, 1 ethics)

Many things can happen during mediation. This program features a discussion with experienced trial attorney and mediator John Trimble of Lewis Wagner LLP, who shares an array of common scenarios that may arise in mediation. The presentation also includes discussion about how to respond to the situations as they arise.

Featuring: John Trimble, Lewis Wagner LLP


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