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Law Firm Finances Bundle
Product ID: LPM2020Finances
You’ve got a basic idea about law firm financing but there are also higher level concepts of which you should be aware. More to the point, there are useful financial management techniques that lawyers...
Law Firm Pricing Bundle
Product ID: LPM2020Pricing
Given the price sensitivity of modern law firm consumers, it’s more important than ever for attorneys to establish law firm pricing and collection models that work for them and for their clients. It’s...
Law Firm Software Primer Bundle
Product ID: LPM2020Software
It’s a great time to be running a solo or small law firm. No, for real! Perhaps the main reason why that’s the case is because technology costs have absolutely plummeted over the last decade. ...
Paperless Law Office Starter Series Bundle
Product ID: LPM2020Paperless
Lawyers love paper like anteaters love ants. That’s a weird analogy, I know; but, you know it’s true. Whether you’re sitting on stacks of paper, or feel like you’re not quiiiite paperless enough......
Social Media for Law Firms Bundle
Product ID: LPM2020Social
If you’re building out a content marketing program for your law firm (which you should be), you’ll need to take advantage of as many publication tools as possible. Enter: social media, which is a grea...


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