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Indy Lawyer Finder: Instructions for Panelists

Using the Indy Lawyer Finder Portal

We are excited to offer enhanced services for both clients searching for legal representation and attorney panelists using our referral programs. See below for a comprehensive guide on using the platform. Still have questions? Contact us! We are happy to help.

Accessing the Platform 
The referral platform is a separate from the IndyBar website. On your first visit, you will create a new username and password for accessing the platform. Please bookmark the following link. You will use it to access all referral information.​

Upon log-in, a pop-up will appear asking you to add a payment method (see image to left; click to enlarge). This payment method is needed for submitting remittances on your IndyBar cases.

If you decide to skip this step and complete it at a later time, you will find Payment Methods in the Settings section of the site.


Managing Your Account

To manage your account, click on your profile photo in the upper right corner of the website navigation (see image to left; click to enlarge). 

When clicking on your profile photo, you'll see three different areas:

  • My Inbox: displays referrals received since you last logged in as well as engagements (cases you've accepted) and consultations (cases that are available to you that you have not yet pursued).
  • Profile: displays your current profile and provides tools for updating your profile.
  • Settings: contains your contact information, business affiliations and payment information.

See below for more detailed information about each area.

My Inbox
My Inbox displays referrals received since you last logged in as well as engagements (cases you've accepted) and consultations (cases that are available to you that you have not yet pursued). To see details of a case (see image to left; click to enlarge), simply click on the record and the file will open, providing you with the client's contact information, case details as reported by the client, and much more.



When fees have been  paid to you, it's time to report to the IndyBar (see image to left; click to enlarge). Simply open the case and click the Update Status button and an Engagement Report window will appear. 




Here, you can inform the IndyBar whether the case is ongoing or completed, as well as how much money has been received from the client to date. Remember: only pay the IndyBar when you've been paid.




This section includes all information specific to you and your practice including contact information, biography, practice area case types, professional license information, foreign languages spoken, professional work experience, law school affiliation, professional liability coverage as well as be able to inform clients the various fee types you accept. This information is included in the online directory portion of Indy Lawyer Finder and can also be viewed by the client when a referral is made.


You can modify all information in this area. To make changes, click the Edit Profile button (see image to left; click to enlarge).

Practice Areas is a section that you will definitely want to review as we've added more than 30 additional practice areas, including internet, constitutional, antitrust and trade regulation, animal law and healthcare, just to name a few. 

In the Fee Types area (see image to left; click to enlarge), you can specify to prospective clients all of the fee types that you are willing to accept. Note: Please disregard the pro bono option as the IndyBar is currently not using this platform to promote pro bono services. 



This platform allows you to designate the Indiana counties you are willing to travel to for case representation (see image to left; click to enlarge). You can individually select counties and expand your service area as far as you'd like. 





This area contains account information like contact information, business affiliations and payment information (see image to left; click to enlarge)




By clicking on the three lines in the top left navigation, a drop down box will appear (see image to left; click to enlarge). This menu includes various information and tools that will be helpful to you as a referral service panelist. 



The referral section provides all IndyBar cases that have been assigned to you and the various stages they are in. You can view as well as update each individual case same as if you entered via the MY INBOX area discussed above.

Here you can view other panelists' profiles to see what information they are providing to potential clients. This can also be helpful if you are seeking co-counsel or need to hand off a case to another practitioner. 

This area provides a directory of nearly 2,000 legal service organizations nationwide.

My Services
If you offer a standard fee for a service you conduct (for example, living will package or basic contract), you can provide information on the offering–detailing what is and is not included–as well as the package price in this area (see image to left; click to enlarge).  


My Guides
Market your practice and provide information to potential clients by adding articles, reference documents or self-help guides here. 










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