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Wellness During the Public Health Crisis
Balancing mental and physical wellness while juggling new or different work responsibilities and environments PLUS the need for some to handle childcare and distance learning is an ongoing struggle unlike any we've ever experienced. The IndyBar is working to pull together resources and information to assist during this challenging time.

Marion Superior Court Judge Alicia Gooden has invited IndyBar members struggling with identifying wellness strategies to contact her at alicia.gooden@indy.gov for assistance.

Mark your calendar: May 4-8 is Lawyer Well-Being Week, sponsored by the National Task Force on Lawyer Well-Being. Given the unfortunate statistics of lawyers with substance abuse, depression and suicide, the focus of this week is to raise awareness and to ignite action among the legal community to improve all aspects of our well-being.  This is particularly vital now given the current crisis and its impact on our overall health. Stay tuned for more updates as May 4th draws closer.

Wellness Resources: Physical Health

How to Create An Effective Full-Body Workout in a Quarantine, Business Insider
Free Online Fitness Classes, information from CNBC
Best Free Fitness Resources for Working Out at Home, Insider.com


Wellness Resources: Mental Health

The Indiana Judges and Lawyers Assistance Program has compiled a variety of remote resources for wellbeing during COVID-19. Check them out here.

Parent/Family Resources

Check out these ideas and tips from fellow IndyBar members!

Offline Activities
  • 100 Things to Do When You're Bored 
  • Litter pick up contest at the park “was a hit!”
  • Broken crayon sorting and remelting in the oven
  • Make your own play dough
  • Build something with all the legos/blocks/train tracks in the house
  • Have the kids plan and present a play/ballet
  • Alphabet scavenger hunt - good for pre-K, K, 1st grade maybe?
  • Sensory bins “(A.k.a. cookie sheets) We used shaving cream & food dye for a fun lesson on primary colors.”
  • “This is going to be an unpopular opinion, but I have found it works if ya got two kids who mostly get along - very limited TV shows, no electronic games, and then basically ignore them. My kids have been awesome at playing, making forts, Lego stuff, paper dolls , etc. I know this doesn't work for all ages, but for my kids ages 7 and 9, it's been pretty great.”
Online Activities, Courses and Apps
Physical Activities


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