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IndyBar Criminal Modest Means Client Referral

Refer a Client to the IndyBar Criminal Modest Means Panel
The IndyBar Criminal Modest Means Panel covers all matters related to legal advice and representation in all courts of criminal jurisdiction in Marion Superior Courts, including Traffic Court 13 and Community Court 12. For a person to qualify for a referral to a modest means panel attorney, that person must be referred by a judicial officer of the Marion Superior Court Criminal Division or by an IndyBar attorney member.

To refer a client, please review eligibility information and complete the form below.

Client Eligibility
In order to qualify for a referral to an IndyBar modest means panel attorney, they must:

  • Meet income guidelines: Income must not be higher than 250 percent of Federal Poverty level guidelines.
  • Call (317) 269-2222, Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. within ten business days of the initial referral.
  • Be provided with IndyBar Criminal Modest Means Panel Client Information (either in print or electonically). Click here to access this information.


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