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Young Lawyers News

Posted on: Feb 28, 2018

Much like laundry, going through your inbox is the never-ending task that only seems to grow even just as you finish the last batch. The few times I ever reached Inbox Zero was a cause for self-ascribed recognition of my amazing feat... only to have emails piling up days later. This article provides some suggestions on how attorneys can reach Inbox Zero.

The biggest trick I noticed made such a task possible is by utilizing apps or software that allows me to "snooze" emails. I notice I lack object permanence when it comes to emails, so if I do not see it or respond right when it comes in, then I will not deal with it. Snoozing allows me to tell my inbox to remind me to look over that email again and set that reminder for a time when I will be able to deal with the message. In addition, having an app that can (whether algorithmically or by creating your own rules) only create a notification for emails worth the interruption. Save the newsletters for free time but still have the pop-up available for the important stuff. Best of luck in fighting the good fight that is your inbox, but with some preparation and discipline, Inbox Zero is possible.

This article was submitted by Alex Van Gorp, Van Gorp Legal Services. If you would like to submit content or write an article for the Young Lawyers Division, please email Kara Sikorski at


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