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Parent Trap: Tales from the Lehmann Homestead - Young Lawyers News

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Young Lawyers News

Posted on: Apr 29, 2020

Andy Lehmann is a fulltime attorney, a fulltime childcare provider, and an active member of the Indianapolis Bar Association’s Young Lawyer Division. Read his experiences during the global pandemic below!

How many days have you spent with your child/children at home?
This whole thing started for us on March 18. So if I am doing my math correctly, that makes it approximately 12,482 days. Or at least it feels like it.

What are the most impactful differences that you experienced as a lawyer and parent compared to February 2020?
The biggest difference has been understanding what “could” be done now and what “needs” to be done right now. With a four-year-old who loves to show off and wants daddy around all the time, you have to learn really quickly how to prioritize your day. I plan what I need to do each morning, and that plan is generally entirely out the window by about 10:15. But if you’re going to be distracted, being distracted by your kid is one of the better options.

Since the start of the pandemic, what has been the favorite activity with your child?
The best activity we have is ALL of the activities. That’s the trick with a four-year-old, nothing is going to keep their attention for long, but just about ANYTHING will keep their attention for a little bit. So one minute we’ll be playing golf on our old Wii that we dug out of storage with him, then next we’ll be hitting Nerf baseballs in the back yard. Then, when I find something he can do on his own, I sprint to my makeshift office and get what I can done.

How about your favorite meal?
Well, with my son my favorite meal is whatever one where he actually agrees to eat some vegetables . . . still waiting on that one.

In all seriousness, the pandemic has actually been an unexpected boon to my dining. Because I’m at home I have more time to break out my smoker and take the hours it takes to properly cook something. Eating good food after a long day of working and keeping an eye on my son (not to mention how exhausted my doctor wife is at the end of the day) is the best part of this whole mess.

Tell a quick story about when your child/children interrupted you while you were working.
I’ve actually been extremely lucky and haven’t had any terrible interruption stories. Sure, he’ll burst in here and there when I’m on an important call, but as soon as he sees the phone in my hand he knows it’s time to wait.

Have you accomplished anything recently that you wouldn’t have thought possible in March?
I actually worked up the courage to let my wife cut my and my son’s hair. None of us were terrible confident in the outcome – not that you can do too much damage to my ugly mug – but I’m actually surprisingly pleased with the result!

If you could tell a client or opposing counsel one thing about your current situation, what would it be?
I understand that what you need from me is important, and you’re used to me getting back to you quickly. But I have a lot going on right now, so please just a little patience would be amazing.

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