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Solo Small Firm Practice News

Posted on: Oct 24, 2018

By Beth Cox, Kids' Voice of Indiana/Cox & Koons LLP

I’m told (but not surprised) that solo/small-firmers are some of the most over-worked and over-stressed members of the workforce. So much so that it has recently been proposed that we add a “wellness” requirement to our CLE lineups. Because I’m a girl who feels the stress and needs to drop some, I thought I’d share with you some recent discoveries in my pursuit of a more “well-rounded” life.

Shipt - If you haven’t heard, this bad boy is an app/website that will take a grocery order from stores close to you and deliver your groceries to your door during a designated time window. Another practitioner (who shall remain nameless) turned me on to this service during a temper tantrum I was having about hours in a day and a shared love of double-stuffed Oreos. It charges an annual fee of about $100 (which you can get $50 off of if you shoot me an email; I’ll find a way to get you a coupon code) and orders over $35 have free delivery. I’ve used it several times and the shoppers have done a great job picking produce and meat and they deliver seemingly everywhere these days (I don’t even have a pizza place that will deliver to my home so that’s saying something). I know it seems silly but in the time I wasn’t shopping, I was able to do 3 loads of laundry and weed a flower bed. Time is money and life. There are several other similar services so find one and take advantage!

Google Assistant – I am not a tech girl. So when a colleague approached me with this the other day, you could say I was “uncomfortable” with the idea. That said, I’ve also been trying to remember to schedule a dental appointment for about a year—sorry, Dr. Sherri! Apparently, there are now apps who can disguise themselves as your personal assistant to help make phone calls and schedule appointments without the person answering the phone knowing that A/I is involved. It is terrifying, but I’m pretty sure my next dental appointment is going to be scheduled this way. See how it works here.

Dry Cleaners – I know, I know…I used to drive to a dry cleaner on my way home from work. It was cheaper than the one across the street from my office. After more than one incident of leaving clothes there for more than a month, I had to make a change. The dry cleaner across the street costs a little more, but I at least (mostly) remember to go there. If you are a downtown-er, some of the dry cleaners will offer a pickup/drop off service for about $20 per year. 

I know some of these options cost money (something I know we all work hard for) but I’ve come to realize that time/hours in the day are my most valuable commodity. Since, for most of us, our time is what we sell, time saved doing non-billable, non-relaxing things can go a long way towards having a balanced life. I hope some of these can help save some of you some aggravation. And, if anyone locates a gas station that will pump my gas, check my tire pressure and clean my windshields, while I sit in the car and check emails, I’d love to hear from you.

For other business management/thriving tips, join us for this year’s Solo/Small Firm Survive & Thrive CLE on December 14! Registration coming soon.

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