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Bill Watch, Jan. 15, 2021: Current Real Estate & Land Use Legislation of Note - Real Estate and Land Use News

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Real Estate and Land Use News

Posted on: Jan 21, 2021

The IndyBar Legislative Committee is currently monitoring the following real estate and land use-related legislation. IndyBar members can request that the Legislative Committee track specific legislation by contacting committee chair Mindy Westrick at

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HB1037    PARTITION OF HEIRS PROPERTY (NEGELE S) Provides procedures for the partition of property that is determined by a court to be heirs property.

HB1053    SCHOOL GRANTS (THOMPSON J) Establishes the low assessed value grants and student density transportation grants for school corporations. Provides a formula for determining grant amounts.

HB1094    RENTAL AGREEMENTS (MOED J) Specifies that "rental agreement", for purposes of residential landlord tenant law, includes certain rental agreements with an explicit or implicit right to purchase.

HB1143    REQUESTS FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT AT RENTAL PROPERTIES (MOED J) Repeals a provision in the law governing landlord-tenant relations that does the following: (1) Prohibits a political subdivision from imposing certain penalties against a tenant, an owner, or a landlord for a contact made to request law enforcement or other emergency assistance for one or more rental units if: (1) the contact is made by or on behalf of: (A) a victim or potential victim of abuse; (B) a victim or potential victim of a crime; or (C) an individual in an emergency; and (2) certain conditions apply. (2) Provides that if: (A) a political subdivision imposes penalties for other types of contacts made to request law enforcement or other emergency assistance for rental units; and (B) a request for law enforcement or emergency assistance is made by a tenant; the penalty imposed must be assessed against the tenant and may not exceed $250.

HB1149    RECORDING REQUIREMENTS (PRESCOTT J) Amends the acknowledgment and proof requirements for a conveyance, mortgage, or instrument of writing to be recorded. Provides that actions taken after June 30, 2020, regarding acknowledgment and proof for conveyances, mortgages, and instruments of writing to be recorded are legalized and validated to the extent provided for in this act.

HB1378    EMERGENCY EVICTIONS (LAUER R) Specifies that a landlord includes a property owner. Authorizes a landlord to seek an emergency possessory order if an occupant has no contractual relationship with the property owner or other interest in the property.

HB1386    ASSESSMENT MATTERS (VANNATTER H) Adds an objective factual error to the list of claims of errors that a taxpayer may raise in an appeal of an assessment. Requires a form requesting an appeal of the Indiana board of tax review to include a line for a petitioner to state that the action is based on a correction of objective factual error appeal. Provides that the county assessor or township assessor making the assessment has the burden of proof in an appeal concerning the correction of an objective factual error in an appeal before the Indiana board of tax review.


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