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Real Estate & Land Use Tentative March Minutes - Real Estate and Land Use News

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Real Estate and Land Use News

Posted on: Mar 14, 2017

Real Estate and Land Use Section

Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

March 10, 2017 (Noon)


In attendance: Misha Rabinowitz, Jack Donaldson, Courtney Figg, Katie Hetrick, and David Adams; On the Phone: Dave Duncan; From the IndyBar:  Deneen Fitzgerald, Lesley Hayes, and Kim Ferguson


  1. Meeting was called to order at 12:07 p.m. by Jack Donaldson.
  2. Meeting minutes from the February 17, 2017 meeting were approved.
  3. Introduction of New Member – Katie Hetrick
  4. Forms Database
    1. Jack recently attended an IndyBar meeting addressing the forms database.
    2. We are one of the sections that has submitted forms, while some sections have not yet submitted forms.
    3. The forms should be general and not substantive work product, as the forms are intended to just be a guide for attorneys.
    4. David volunteered to handle the loan documents, and Misha volunteered to provide leases.
    5. Deneen will send a link to the current form library to the committee.
    6. The IndyBar would like this completed in thirty (30) days.
    7. The idea of providing construction documents (contracts and loan agreements) was brought up at the IndyBar meeting as well.
  5. CLEs
    1. Examining the Latest Market Trends in Commercial Real Estate Financing
      1. April 21, 2017 at noon.
      2. Three panelists – lender, developer, etc., with David to moderate.
      3. Idea is to provide lawyers information to pass along to clients.
      4. Deneen will provide a Survey Monkey to allow registrants to submit questions prior to CLE.
    2. Strategies for Deals on Environmentally Impaired Property
      1. This is something Russell is working on.
      2. Potential partnering with the Environmental Law section, and Deneen thinks they would be on board.
      3. Deneen will get with Russell on dates and the Environmental Law chair.
      4. Targeting August or September.
    3. Other Ideas
      1. Forms CLE.   
        1. Blake to work on this for a potential June afternoon.
        2. Deneen shared a list of past speakers.
        3. David suggested that we also discuss drafting tips.
      2. In-house counsel CLE
        1. Dave and Jack have discussed this and need to think about this further.
        2. They are considering what would be useful to discuss in an hour.
        3. Idea might be to poll members for list of questions prior to CLE. Deneen can send out a Survey Monkey on this to gather some questions.
        4. The goal would be to get in-house counsel from different types of industries (medical, commercial, etc.) and ascertain the different client sensitivities.
      3. Practical tips on Indy Rezone by the end of the year
        1. David Retherford?
      4. Case Law Update
        1. Brian was discussed as a presenter, and he could pick out the top five recent Indiana real estate cases.
        2. Have April work with Brian to get this going.
  6. Next Meeting
    1. Deneen proposed April 13, 2017 (since the IndyBar is closed on April 14, 2017.)
  7. Meeting adjourned at 12:35 PM


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