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Developing Your Professional Networking Skills - Paralegals News

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Paralegals News

Posted on: Jun 9, 2015

Keys to remember:
Professional networking is an art
Relationships are important
Networking pays dividends regardless of what position you’re in
Networking expands your career experiences
Professional networking is key to advancing your career
Networking provides the ability to solve problems faster

Helpful Tips:

  • Adopt a “pay-it-forward” mentality
  • Find a way to help another person that moves both your lives forward
  • Be sure and follow-up with people
  • Don’t treat networking as a transactional event or a way to get something from someone
  • Promote work done by others – “what goes around, comes around” – you showcase them…they will showcase you.
  • Market the opportunity to brand yourself via social media
  • The more connected you are in collaborating and sharing/gathering information, the easier it will be to establish your reputation and your self-brand throughout your career
  • Outreach to contacts around the country
  • We live in a global society ~ maintain contacts globally, whenever possible
  • Put forward your interests
  • Showcase your accomplishments
  • Make sure that what you post adds value for others
  • Don’t connect with people who could spam you
  • Converse between new friends – don’t focus on closing a deal
  • Incorporate social media as part of your professional networking
  • Utilize both traditional and social media resources
  • Keep your personal and professional connections separate
  • Have fun and put yourself out there! It is definitely a skill worth developing!


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