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Mentor Connect Toolkit

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Mentor Connect Toolkit

A mentor is just the first foundation for success. Get the rest of the tools you need to build your practice and your career with the Mentor Connect Toolkit. This comprehensive collection of resources, forms and more is available exclusively to Mentor Connect participants!

Toolkit contents include 25+ Forms; tips on networking, maintaining trust accounts and more; and resources that'll make sure you don't meet up with the Disciplinary Commission

Ready for success? Check out the toolkit below!

Civility Resources
Avoiding Malpractice
Marketing Resources and How to Avoid Crisis
Commitments to Civility

Supreme Court Decisions:

Criminal Defense Resources
Expungement Petitions and Orders
Brady Requirement
Civil Demand Letter
Criminal Checklist
Criminal Client Warning
Motion for Continuance
Discovery Sheet
DUI Blood Test Discovery
DUI Breath Test Discovery
List of Witnesses and Exhibits
Motion to Disclose Impeachment Evidence
Sample Fee Agreement

Index of Criminal Case Motions: Index

  1. Fifth Amendment Declaration
  2. Criminal Appearance
  3. Motion to Reduce Bail Amount
  4. Request for Pre-Trial Conference
  5. Durable Power of Attorney 2013
  6. Motion for Preservation of Evidence
  7. Defendant's Motion for Severance of Defendants
  8. Defendant's Motion for Pretrial Disclosure
  9. Defendant's Response to State's Discovery Request
  10. Notice to Take Deposition
  11. Deposition Subpoena
  12. Petition for Release of Mental Health Records
  13. HIPAA Release 2013
  14. Petition for Permission to Travel Out of State
  15. Defendant's Motions in Limine
  16. Waiver of Trial by Jury for Felony
  17. Defendant's Tendered Proposal Final Instructions
  18. MCCC Screening Form
  19. Drug Treatment Court Referral
  20. Request for Guilty Plea and Sentencing
  21. Defendant's Motion to Dismiss
  22. Notice of Appeal to Indiana Court of Appeals
  23. Defendant's Amended Verified Petition for Post Conviction Relief
  24. Petitioner's Tender of Proposed Findings of Fact
  25. Verified Petition for Specialized Driving Privileges

Family Law Resources
Child Support Account Information Form
Child Support Direct Deposit Authorization Form
Child Support NCP Remittance Coupon
Deposition Outline
Family Law Sample Deposition Questions
Income Withholding for Support
Objection to Relocation
Petition for Contempt and Order
Petition for Modification of Custody and Support
When and How to Use a GAL, PC, Custody Evaluator & DCRB

Other Resources
Immigration Resources
Small Business Resources
Limited Scope Representation