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Bill Watch, May 2, 2019: Current Labor Law Legislation of Note - Labor and Employment Law News

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Labor and Employment Law News

Posted on: May 2, 2019

The IndyBar Legislative Committee is currently monitoring the following labor law related legislation. IndyBar members can request that the Legislative Committee track specific legislation by contacting committee chair Mindy Westrick at

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HB1062   UNEMPLOYMENT MATTERS. (LEONARD D) Makes various changes to unemployment compensation law concerning confidentiality, the method of sending notices to claimants and employers, the cap on expenditures from the special employment and training services fund, employing units subject to the Federal Unemployment Tax Act, and appeals regarding seasonal determinations. Updates and eliminates outdated language. Makes technical corrections.

SB130   UNEMPLOYMENT INSURANCE MATTERS. (DORIOT B) Excludes from the definition of "employment", for purposes of the unemployment compensation system, service performed by a driver who provides drive away operations when: (1) the vehicle being driven is the commodity being delivered; and (2) the driver has entered into an agreement with the party arranging for the transportation that specifies the driver is an independent contractor and not an employee.

SB231   DIRECT SALES. (MESSMER M) Excludes a direct seller from the definition of "employee" for purposes of the minimum wage law. Excepts, under certain conditions, an individual engaged as a direct seller from receiving unemployment benefits. Excludes services by direct sellers from the definition of "employment" under the unemployment compensation system.

SB390   EDUCATION MATTERS. (HOUCHIN E) Provides that if: (1) a school employee files a complaint that alleges that an exclusive representative or school employer has engaged in certain unfair practices; and (2) the Indiana education employment relations board determines that the exclusive representative or school employer engaged in the unfair practice; the board may assess a civil penalty of at least $500 but not more than $5,000 for each violation. Provides that, before a school employer and school employees may privately negotiate during the time period for formal collective bargaining, the parties must hold at least one public hearing and take public testimony. Requires the school employer to conduct a public meeting to discuss a tentative collective bargaining agreement at least 72 hours before it is ratified. Provides that notice of a public meeting and a tentative collective bargaining agreement must be posted on the school employer's Internet web site at least 72 hours before the public meeting. Provides that a school employer must allow for public comment at the meeting at which a tentative collective bargaining agreement is ratified.


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