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Insurance Coverage Section Take Ten Q+A Series: Eric McNamar - Insurance Coverage

Insurance Coverage

Posted on: Nov 4, 2019

Meet members of the Insurance Coverage Section with the Take Ten Q&A Series!

Meet: Eric McNamar, Lewis Wagner LLP

What is the focus of your practice?
About 95% of my practice is working on coverage matters on behalf of insurers.

How long have you been practicing?
19 years!

How long have you been in Indy?
I was born and raised in Indy, and with the exception of college, law school and a six-year stint in New York City, I have lived here.

What do you value most about the practice of law?
While it may sound cliche, helping a client solve a problem is what I enjoy about the practice of law. I try to help my client look at all sides of the problem so that we can (hopefully) reach the best solution for all involved parties. While I’m not always successful, it isn’t due to the lack of effort!

What do you enjoy doing when you're not at work?
Spending time with my wife, daughter, family and friends; cycling; and supporting a number of sports teams and series (e.g. Purdue, the Colts, the Reds and INDYCAR).

What are some of your goals for the section this year and what are you most excited about for the section?
I think Greg Gotwald said it best: our section is very useful to almost all practice areas such that almost all IndyBar members can find something useful about what we do. Getting that word out is what all of us on the executive committee strive to do. 

What's one piece of advice you've learned from your years of experience in the field?
While this advice falls under the idea that civility is very important in our profession, never underestimate the power of either an in-person meeting with opposing counsel or picking up the phone and calling opposing counsel. I agree that email is sufficient for many communications, but sometimes the proper tone is not conveyed in an email, which can impede a case or negotiation moving forward.

Tell us about your favorite restaurant(s) in Indy.
Petite Chou and Fat Dan’s are current favorites, but Indy recently has been blessed with a number of great new restaurants!

If you would like to be featured in the Take Ten Q+A series, send your responses to the above questions to Kara Sikorski at and stay tuned for future installments!


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