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Hidden Dangers in Airbnb - Insurance Coverage

Insurance Coverage

Posted on: Feb 11, 2019

From Cline Farrell Christie & Lee PC:

In recent years, companies like Airbnb and Uber have risen to the top of the news and the market of on-demand service and hospitality. However, how these companies handle liability has recently been questioned by the media. Understanding the specifics and risks of renting through Airbnb means you can make an informed decision should you find yourself in a legal situation during your Airbnb stay.

The Basics
So you’ve recently decided that utilizing Airbnb for a trip is an excellent way to save some money. While it’s wonderful that there are flexible options out there, it’s important you know what risks are associated with your decisions. If and when something occurs out of your control at your host’s home, you’ll need to know what they are liable for.

In their “Host Insurance Summary”, hosts are responsible for personal injury. They also list fungi or bacteria, Chinese drywall, communicable diseases, product liability, pollution, asbestos, and lead or silica. This means that should you slip in their shower, or fall down their icy front steps, become ill from mold in your basement, or trip over a root in their backyard, they will have to cover your care.

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