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COVID Litigation Tracker Provides Insight Into Claims Nationwide - Insurance Coverage

Insurance Coverage

Posted on: Mar 30, 2021

By Eric McNamar, Lewis Wagner LLP

As coverage attorneys, much of the past year has been spent trying to track the explosion of litigation relating to COVID-19 claims. My own effort to keep up was made much easier by my discovery of the University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School’s Covid Coverage Litigation Tracker.

While the Tracker admits it likely hasn’t captured all of the COVID-19 coverage cases that have been filed, for those it has located the Tracker provides statistical breakdowns on items such as rulings on the merits for both Federal and State Court cases, whether there is a virus exclusion in the relevant policy, and even which industries have filed the most claims. The Tracker also includes a “Judicial Rulings” page, which lists all cases in which a “merits ruling” has been issued along with a brief description of the ruling. For these cases in which a “merits ruling” has been issued, the Tracker identifies the court and case number in case you want to locate the Order.

The Tracker is great for providing a snapshot of the current, general trends of COVID-19 cases, but if you would like more of an overview of COVID-19 cases under commercial property policies, including decisions, trends, and takeaways on both a state and national level, consider attending IndyBar’s program: Covid-19 Insurance Law Update—How Courts Around the Country Are Treating Business-Interruption Claims. Coming up on April 20, 2021, at noon EDT, this CLE will include a discussion between experienced coverage litigators who have been involved in active COVID-19 coverage cases and have insight relating to more than 200 decisions issued to date by federal and state courts across the country.    

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