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Brown Recluse Spider Infestations: Scary, Problematic and Costly, But Likely Covered By Insurance - Insurance Coverage

Insurance Coverage

Posted on: Oct 31, 2017

By Gregory M. Gotwald, Plews Shadley Racher & Braun LLP

As Halloween approaches, we’re reminded of all things creepy: ghosts, ghouls, goblins, and of course SPIDERS. However, unlike the former that live in the imagination of children, spiders are real. Not only are they real, certain types—like the Brown Recluse Spider—can wreak havoc on you.

Their venom is necrotic, meaning it damages the cells around the bite. They can also survive for very long periods without food. This trait can help lead to massive Brown Recluse Spider infestations—hundreds or thousands of them. While these mass infestations are not common, they do occur.

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