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Coverage for Commotion: Insurance for Businesses Affected By Rioting and Vandalism - Insurance Coverage

Insurance Coverage

Posted on: Feb 16, 2017

By Andrea S. Warren, Barnes & Thornburg LLP

Businesses can endure substantial property damage and, perhaps more importantly, lost revenue from civil disruptions caused by rioting and vandalism. Fortunately, business owners have a multitude of coverage options for these disruptions and should firmly resist an insurer’s attempt to deny or limit coverage.

Assume you own the fictional pub “Paddy’s Pub” on Sunny Lane in South Philadelphia. One evening, South Philadelphia residents peacefully march down Sunny Lane in protest of the latest government budgeting decision. At some point, rioting and vandalism ensue and a few residents begin vandalizing businesses on Sunny Lane—including Paddy’s Pub. To contain the situation, the police department shuts down Sunny Lane for the remainder of the day. What coverage may be triggered?

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