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Insurance Coverage Executive Committee Take Ten Q&A Series - Lewis Wooton - Insurance Coverage

Insurance Coverage

Posted on: Mar 24, 2016

Meet members of the Insurance Coverage Section Executive Committee with the Take Ten Q&A Series!

Meet: Lewis Wooton, Lewis Wagner LLP

Where do you currently practice and for how long have you practiced?
I have been at Lewis Wagner since law school, a total of about 11 years.

What is your background as a coverage attorney?
I have done some coverage work my entire career, but for the last seven years, insurance coverage has a significant part of my practice.  My primary focus is on property and casualty insurance, but I also do some life, health, and disability coverage work. 

What are you most excited about for the Insurance Coverage Section?
We have a great seminar coming up on May 5th with a social event at Bakersfield to follow the program.  Make sure you sign up!

What has been the most surprising thing you’ve learned in your years as an attorney?
Most attorneys are genuinely easy to get along with.  Litigation is adversarial, but most attorneys, particularly in Indianapolis, do not make things unnecessarily difficult.

What has been your proudest moment as an attorney?
Probably the day I was sworn in.  A lot of my friends and family came to the ceremony, and it was the culmination of a lot of hard work.

What is your favorite piece of advice or quote from your years as an attorney?
Do not use superfluous language or be too wordy.  Go through your briefs and take out all of the “ly” words (clearly, surprisingly, ironically, etc.)  Your briefs will be better and more civil.  More experienced attorneys and judges gave me this advice for years before it sank in.  Now it is my biggest pet peeve when I read a brief. 

What type of community service or philanthropy do you engage in?
I frequently participate in Legal Line and other volunteer opportunities with the Indianapolis Bar Association, and  I also do some pro bono work for clients in my hometown where there is a shortage of programs providing pro bono representation. Now that my kids are school age, I spend a lot of time volunteering for their school and athletic activities.

What would people be surprised to learn about you?
I applied to law school initially because my girlfriend (now my beautiful wife Amanda) said she was going, and I did not want her to get away.   After I sent in some applications, I was working in a lumber yard loading a truck when the Dean of Admissions at Indiana University called me to tell me that Indiana wanted to offer me admission and a scholarship.  I was pretty surprised, and accepted on the spot.  Amanda took a job instead of going to law school, but I went anyway.  We were married during my second year of law school.

Tell us about your favorite restaurant(s) in Indy?
Takeout from Fast Wok on the Eastside.  Great Pad Thai. 
Which experiences in Indy are on your bucket or to-do list this year?
The May 5th Indy Bar Insurance Coverage Section CLE and Social Event at Bakersfield.  Event of the year!


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