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Posted on: Oct 3, 2019

By Commissioner Kelly Scanlan, Marion Superior Court

On November 14, join us as we gather in the Indiana Supreme Court courtroom from 3 to 4:30 p.m. for the IndyBar HEAL (Helping Enrich Attorneys’ Lives) Committee’s fourth annual Celebration of Life & Career. Each year, this memorial service gives us an opportunity to honor the lives and careers of local attorneys, judges and paralegals who passed away in the previous year.

The IndyBar is grateful to the Indiana Supreme Court and its justices for once again allowing us to hold the event in the Supreme Court courtroom. The courtroom’s rich history provides the perfect setting for us to reflect upon the inspiring lives of those being remembered and helps the local legal community demonstrate to the family and friends in attendance our deep reverence and gratitude for the lives of their loved ones, who were our colleagues and, more importantly, our friends.

Although the memorial service is a solemn occasion, it is also a true celebration of the lives of our recently departed. We share brief stories of the lives of each person being honored. We learn not only of accomplishments made in their legal careers, but also of the significant contributions they made to their broader communities and of the fascinating lives many of them led.

The HEAL Committee, whose broad goal is to enrich the lives of our fellow local attorneys, judicial officers and paralegals, is honored to again host the ceremony. It gives us an opportunity to gather and share not just condolences, but also fond memories. I have spoken with several colleagues after past services, and every year we agree that we learned many unexpected and fascinating things about our departed colleagues. My hope is that as we learn about the rich and varied lives of those who have passed away before us, we gradually see those who are still with us in a new light and remember to treat them with compassion and perhaps even a touch of admiration.

As current chair of the HEAL Committee, and as someone who has immensely enjoyed learning about the remarkable lives of the attorneys and judges we have lost over the past few years, too many of them gone much too soon, I strongly encourage you to join us in celebration. In the midst of our hectic schedules, in which electronic communication often dominates and face-to-face connections with colleagues dwindle, the Celebration of Life & Career is an excellent opportunity to pause, breathe deep, soak in the history and become inspired by the lives of those we have recently lost. An informal reception will be held in the Supreme Court lobby immediately following the ceremony. You may register at indybar.org/memorial for this no-cost celebration. I hope to see you there!


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