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Posted on: Jun 27, 2019

By Jenna Heavner, Mallor Grodner LLP

If you are between three and ten years of practice and you have not participated in the IndyBar Bar Leader Series Program yet, I strongly encourage you to consider it. As a graduate of the XVI graduating class, I can attest to the value of the program’s core principles—motivate, inspire, lead!

As attorneys, we all know and recognize the possibility (if not likelihood, right?) of attorney burnout. Emotionally, physically, spiritually… Keeping an energy and passion for the practice of law, but while still tending to client needs and the overall demands of the profession (and not to mention, a personal life!) are challenging. I think this is especially for us young(ish!) attorneys still trying to earn our names and reputations out “in the field,” so to speak.  

The biggest benefit to me of the Bar Leader Series has been identifying and fostering that original enthusiasm that motivated me to become a lawyer in the first place—all in the interest of helping others and bettering our community—but while developing friendships and networking with community leaders in the process. It’s allowed me to bring a new and refreshing perspective to my practice. Our alums really are part of a larger effort to create positive change within our communities. I really hope you’ll consider being a part of it—apply by July 1 at indybar.org/barleaderseries!


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