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Posted on: Feb 15, 2019

Indy Scooters: Not a Motor Vehicle?

By Hon. Jennifer Harrison, Marion Superior Court

When the Bird and Lime scooters popped up in Indianapolis last summer, adults and youngsters alike were jumping at the opportunity to quickly zip around the city. However, it came as no surprise to the legal community the amount of litigation and legal issues that popped up with this new mode of transportation.

The latest buzz on the scooters is House Bill 1649, authored by Rep. Sean Eberhart. This bill, if passed into law, will exclude the scooters as a motor vehicle, motor-driven cycle, or motorcycle for purposes of certain motor vehicle laws. Additionally, the bill finds a local authority may not adopt by ordinance any prohibition against or restriction on the use of a scooter on a path designated for the use of bicycles. The legislation would also require a scooter to have a headlamp, a rear light and brakes. Lastly, the legislation regulates scooters may be parked on sidewalks so long as it doesn’t impede the normal or reasonable movement of pedestrians or vehicle traffic.  

A House panel unanimously approved this bill and will be sent to the House floor. To view the bill, go here.

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