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Posted on: Jan 18, 2019

Who's the new IBF president? We sat down with Mark Waterfill to give you an exclusive peek inside the mind of the IBF's newest leader! Check it out below.

How’d you decide to become a lawyer?
My dad was adamant and specific with all of us as to what profession in which he thought we would excel. Dad emphasized the law to me at a very early age, and I enjoyed the undergraduate and law school classes enough to believe this was the profession for me. I thoroughly enjoy the practice of law, especially jury trials in complex civil matters.

How did you initially get involved with the IBF? What made you interested in being president?
It’s a funny story! Julie Armstrong (Executive Director of the IndyBar) and I were discussing an IndyBar event and she said, “You know that was 1998 —20 years ago!” So, I have been a “bar junkie” for a long time, and an IndyBar member for over 30 years. In that time, I have been able to co-chair the Bench Bar Conference, serve on both the IndyBar and IBF boards, chair the Legal Services Advisory Committee, and perhaps most important of all, play on the winning golf outing team! But seriously, I love this organization and believe it can have a significant impact on the lives of Hoosiers.

What is your biggest goal for 2019 as president of the IBF?
RAISE MONEY! We are a fundraising board. That is our mission and we can’t dodge it. I believe lawyers are blessed to seek justice for our clients AND be paid well for our work. My goal as IBF president is to raise money, which is then given to worthy charities through our Impact Fund Grant, and other grants, as well as used to help attorneys in our community. Lawyers have a responsibility to lead, to show compassion and empathy for those in need. The IBF is the best means to accomplish these goals.       
What is the one thing you wish every lawyer knew about the IBF?
The IndyBar and IBF are truly unique in this country. We have a vibrant local bar association that provides incredible services to a large and growing membership. We have had great leadership over the past several years and a truly fantastic executive director and staff. Every lawyer in Indiana should know how fortunate we are to have this fabulous organization.

Tell us about your favorite thing to do when you’re NOT at the office.
I love fly fishing! We go to North Carolina, Michigan, Tennessee 
and Colorado to catch the largest fish on the lightest tackle. It is great fun! 

Which historical figure do you most identify with?
Harry Truman was a short man who succeeded late in life. He was also very blunt. I like him.  

Who are your heroes in real life?
Barack Obama and Muhammad Ali.

Tell us your favorites: Movie, food item and sports
Movie: “Fight Club”; food: ice cream; sports: Colts and Pacers


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