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Posted on: Dec 7, 2018

Stay fit and feeling great this holiday season with help from the IndyBar’s Wellness Initiative! Get daily tips on Twitter at @IndyBar and check out highlights below.

Breathe. Very simple, but necessary given the days of inevitable chaos ahead. Deep breaths can temper anxiety and calm the mind. Whenever you feel stressed or anxious over the next month: and you will: remember that five good, full, deep breaths can bring you back to a state of peace and ready to tackle whatever lies ahead. 

Focus your commitments over the next month. Spend a few moments prioritizing the “must do’s” (hint, you MUST attend the IndyBar Holiday Party on December 13) and ranking the rest of December’s events in order of importance to you and your family. Does eliminating an annual activity or event make sense this year? Do you want to spend at least one weekend night at home in front of the fire, playing games with your family, or reading a good book? Make your list, and then stick to it. It will help make the holidays more manageable and more meaningful.

Aim to drink at least 80 ounces of water per day. Don’t ask why. Just do it; your body will thank you. If you hate plain water, infuse with lemon, lime, orange, or any kind of fruit you like. Drink sparkling water. There are 
dozens of brands out there!

To combat the extra calories you will likely consume this month, get in some additional physical activity. Walk to lunch instead of driving, take the stairs or park in the furthest spot away from the entrance to the store. If you wear a smartwatch or activity tracker and normally aim for 10,000 steps, aim for at least 2000 more, especially on party days.

Learn more and view all tips at indybar.org/wellness!


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