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Posted on: Oct 2, 2018

The latest legal scoop to keep you in the loop: Here are the top five stories from the IndyBar this month.

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Indiana Introduces Bail Reform Pilot Program
By Brett B. Thomas, Marion County Public Defender Agency
The program would be replacing the cash bail system with a risk-based system. Under the risk-based system, each individual who is arrested is interviewed using the Indiana Risk Assessment System Pretrial Assessment Tool. 
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The Alligator in the Room: Avoid "Fights and Flights" During Mediation
By Joan Champagne, White 
and Champagne
The ”alligator” is our reptilian brain, which is triggered when we are under stress, causing an emotional rather than a logical response. The reptilian brain operates in survival mode (“fight or flight”), and this can tank a mediation if anyone in the room (the parties, attorneys OR the mediator) is affected.
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The American Nightmare: The Housing Crisis Revisited Through Personal Stories
Ten years ago, the economy was imploding. The Penny Hoarder asked readers to tell them their foreclosure stories. More than 50 people responded. Over and over, they used the same word: nightmare.
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HHS Announces Innovation and Investment Summit
Intro by Allison Emhardt, Indiana University Health

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) recently announced the Deputy Secretary’s Innovation and Investment Summit, which will be a collaboration of HHS employees and private healthcare companies to address problems and inefficiencies in healthcare today. 
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Public Comment Opportunity for Marion County Land Use Plan Update
Intro by Russell L. Brown, Clark Quinn Moses Scott & Grahn LLP

The Marion County Land Use Plan, part of the Plan 2020 project, is now in its final stages of public comment before being introduced to the Metropolitan Development Commission for consideration and adoption yet this year. The public comment period started on September 17 and goes through October 21.
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