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Posted on: Sep 14, 2018

Five Simple Ways Lawyers Can Improve Their Productivity

Intro by Benjamin Spandau, Funk & Spandau LLC

In the legal field, productivity is king because time is money. Productivity is always something that I personally work on and, mostly, feel inadequate in achieving. It is hard to find time to figure out how to be productive because researching ways to be productive can seem to be everything but productive! As I was talking about productivity with a colleague, he passed along the following article by Casey C. Sullivan that was published on FindLaw. You can find it here.

In the article, Sullivan suggests a few simple things that can help attorneys be more productive without changing their entire workflow to achieve productive bliss. By taking five minutes to read the article and adding the little amount of time to implement just a few of the suggestions, you may very well gain hours of time in the long run. I know that I have taken advantage of a few tips that have kept me focused and cut wasted time out of my routine. I personally follow the “make a to-do list every day” mantra religiously and without it, I become lost. A simple phone call can lead you down a rabbit hole of tasks that you don't want to do and had no intentions of doing. Having a simple checklist to walk through holds you accountable and reminds you what is really on your plate for the day.

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