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2018 Session Concludes; Gov. Holcomb Considers Special Session Due to High Number of Dead Bills - IndyBar News

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Posted on: Mar 19, 2018

The 2018 legislative session concluded on Wednesday, March 14, with legislators working just a few minutes past the midnight deadline. All bills which passed out of both chambers are headed to the Governor’s desk to be signed into law. You can use this link to monitor bills that have been sent to Governor Holcomb.

A number of bills died due to the lack of action before the deadline. Roughly 13 bills died without a conference committee report. Those bills included:

  • tax matters (HB 1104, HB 1316, SB 242)
  • school financial management bill designed to help the struggling Muncie and Gary school corporations (HB 1315)
  • school safety bill (HB 1230)
  • autonomous vehicles (HB 1341)
  • unlawful indemnity agreements (HB 1015)
  • alcohol matters (HB 1419)

With the number of dead bills, the Governor has stated that he is open to the possibility of a special session to resolve key issues. In addition, the Legislative Council will meet in the coming months to decide which topics will be studied this summer and fall.

Here is a look at some of the numbers from the 2018 legislative session:

  • 901 bills introduced this session
  • 212 bills passed
  • 101 House bills have made it through
    • 22% of House bills will make it to the Governor's desk
  • 111 Senate bills have made it through
    • 24% of Senate bills will make it to the Governor's desk


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