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Posted on: Apr 2, 2021

How to Say “You’re Welcome” in 2021

By Joan Champagne, White and Champagne

I read an article recently that posed the question, “Do you want to make a difference in somebody’s life in one minute or less?” What was the answer to this question? The answer was that you can make a difference in somebody’s life by making them feel like they BELONG.

Last year, the IndyBar established The Indianapolis Bar Association Commission on Racial Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in the Indianapolis Legal Community. The committee recognizes the IndyBar’s responsibility to bring about change to achieve equality, diversity and inclusion in the Indianapolis legal community and beyond. As members of the IndyBar, we have that same responsibility.

I am calling on the members of the IndyBar to take the initiative with respect to our diverse colleagues who are not members of the IndyBar. It’s 2021, so start with ONE person, and do something that makes that person feel a connection to you and the IndyBar. Show this person that they belong in the IndyBar and that they are welcome here. Here are a few suggestions:

You’re welcome.

If you would like to submit content or write an article for the Professionalism Committee, please email Kara Sikorski at ksikorski@indybar.org.

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