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Posted on: Oct 25, 2017

More than 500 IndyBar members answered our questions about the future of the IndyBar's physical space. Your answers were incredibly helpful to us, and we thought we’d share a few of the results.

We asked members to choose from a group of photos to choose their ideal social space, Member’s Lounge, and meeting space. These three photos were the top choices and will help the DORIS Research team come up with recommendations for IndyBar that are directly informed by the survey results.

Ideal Social Space - 47% of members surveyed chose this classy but comfortable space.

Ideal Members' Lounge - 62% of members surveyed chose this clean, open space with different options for seating.

Ideal Meeting Space - 51% of members surveyed chose this space with integrated technology and lots of natural light.

Now, the DORIS team is back in the lab, integrating everything we’ve learned into an Action Plan that examines the future of the IndyBar’s space.


The DORIS Research team worked with a group of IndyBar staff and members to facilitate a rapid prototyping session imagining the future space. IndyBar staff and members were given prompts, supplies, and a small amount of time to build physical 3D models that show different ways that spaces within the IndyBar office could be configured. Rapid prototypes encourage quick thinking, going with your gut, and working within strict requirements and constraints.

Participants at the rapid prototyping session built models imagining many different types of space pertaining to current IndyBar challenges, including:

  • What reception should look like and how it might function
  • What type of building IndyBar might be housed in
  • What informal and formal meeting spaces might look like
  • How a Members' Lounge would function and what would be included
  • How staff offices should be laid out

Here are a few examples of the rapid prototypes everyone built. DORIS learned so much from seeing how IndyBar staff and members built these prototypes.



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