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Posted on: Sep 14, 2017

DORIS Research, in partnership with Blackline Studio, is working with the Indianapolis Bar Association to determine the best direction for the IndyBar's future office space. The research project will take place over the next 11 weeks, until early November.

DORIS will be talking to members as well as staff throughout the process.

Who is DORIS?
DORIS is a team of design researchers who use a unique design thinking process that enables people to solve their workplace challenges by empowering organizations to make meaningful decisions and enact innovative solutions.

We actively engage large groups of stakeholders while following our eight-step research process that begins with listening and leads to an action plan with continuous engagement.

What is DORIS doing with the IndyBar?
DORIS, in partnership with architecture and design studio Blackline, is working with the IndyBar to research and determine the best direction for future office space and how it should be designed to meet the needs of both staff and members.

The goal of the research project is to gather data about how the IndyBar office is currently used and plan for the future. DORIS will gather data that answers a wide range of questions, including what members want from the IndyBar office, how it can foster growth in the future and how the IndyBar office can give members a sense of community.

What does DORIS hope to accomplish with the IndyBar?
The first step of the process was for DORIS to meet with IndyBar staff and board members to determine what the association already knows about the current workspace and what questions need to be answered about the future workspace.

DORIS will gather data through a variety of methods like interviews, focus groups, observations and surveys. Then, DORIS will take all the data gathered and synthesize it into actionable solutions that will help the IndyBar plan for the future.

How are IndyBar members going to be involved?
Thoughts, opinions, and ideas gathered from stakeholders like you are the most important data in DORIS's research process!

Questions? You can always get in touch with DORIS if you have any questions, comments or concerns. Just email doris@dorisresearch or find us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram


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