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Posted on: Nov 30, 2020

By Scott Oliver, Lewis Kappes PC

Professionalism is a trait that sets apart one outstanding attorney or judge from another. Whether in the courtroom, behind a desk on a Zoom call, or out in the community on or off the clock – professionalism can easily distinguish an average attorney from a true leader.

Fortunately, we practice among some of the most professional attorneys in the nation. The Indianapolis Bar Association Professionalism Committee focuses its work around promoting the five "Cs" of professionalism:

Community Involvement.

Each year, the Professionalism Committee seeks nominations for three coveted awards: the Unsung Hero Award the Professionalism Award and the Silver Gavel Award. After a lengthy nomination process, the award recipients are carefully selected. The Professionalism Committee is honored to announce the 2020 award winners.

Unsung Hero Award – Denise Hayden: This award is given to lawyer who goes above and beyond the call of duty and exhibits the highest level of commitment to others without the expectation of praise or recognition. “Denise is always gracious and understanding – even if she does not agree with your position. She is able to think outside the box and work with others to achieve goals,” said one nomination. “She helps countless people, both personally and professionally, without ever putting herself in the spotlight,” said another. The outpouring of nominations for Denise was substantial, but one thing remained true in virtually all of them – she puts others ahead of herself and works tirelessly to provide support for those in need.

The next two awards are broken into two categories, one for an attorney (the Professionalism Award) and one for a member of the judiciary (the Silver Gavel Award). These awards are given to an attorney and a judge who exemplify the high calling and higher achievement of lawyers through representation of many positive attributes, including the five Cs of professionalism. Our first honoree is the recipient of the Professionalism Award.

Professionalism Award – Lindsay Scott: When asked for comments about Lindsey’s nomination, one nominator stated, “Lindsay embodies exactly what the Professionalism Award entails. She is always going above and beyond, not only in her professional role as an attorney, but also throughout the community. Lindsay strives to make her team better with her lead-by-example leadership style.” Another nomination detailed how Lindsey exemplified each of the five Cs in her life while at work, in the community, and in her personal life.  The nomination stated that “Lindsay is a walking example of professionalism at every level.”

Silver Gavel Award – Hon. Kimberly Mattingly: The initial nominations were just the tip of the iceberg when discussing Judge Mattingly’s qualifications for this award. After the nomination process, we received numerous supporting statements in support of Judge Mattingly’s nomination. One nominator detailed how he/she appeared in Judge Mattingly’s court for the first time as a licensed attorney and immediately noted her professionalism and ability to truly listen to all parties and carefully make her decisions in a calm and fair manner. Another nominator stated, “Judge Mattingly goes out of her way to speak with you outside of the courtroom. Whether you are a law student, a new attorney, or a seasoned professional – she will sit down with you and have a genuine conversation.”  

As 2020 comes to a close and many of us are probably letting out a sigh of relief, it is important that we remember the countless attorneys, judges, and other community members who are working tirelessly to further our profession, our community and our world. In a time when everything seems digital, try to keep the human element alive and strong in each and every one of your interactions. When doing so, whether online or in person, it is always important to remember the five Cs.

On behalf of the Professionalism Committee, I want to thank and congratulate each of our award recipients and all those who submitted nominations for the numerous qualified attorneys and judges throughout our community. You are truly appreciated.

If you would like to submit content or write an article for the Professionalism Committee, please email Kara Sikorski at ksikorski@indybar.org.


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