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Posted on: Oct 30, 2020

The latest legal scoop to keep you in the loop: Here are the top five stories from the IndyBar this month.

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This is Bigger Than E-Learning: How Will the Pandemic Impact Our Children in the Long-Term?
By Carey Haley Wong, Child Advocates; Katherine Meger Kelsey, Kids' Voice of Indiana
We laugh about pandemic parenting, online learning, and socially distant play for children. Underneath the humor is the larger fact base—this pandemic is broadly affecting children’s lives. It’s crept into their education, their extracurricular activities, their home lives, their ability to connect with friends, their access to libraries, their access to needed services, and generally, their visibility into the world. They are isolated in little pandemic quarantine bubbles with their families, and maybe a quarantine family buddy.
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To Refuse or Not to Refuse: That is the Question
By Joel Hand, Hand Ponist Smith & Rayl LLC
You find yourself having been pulled over by a police officer after you have had a couple of glasses of wine or beers with dinner. After asking you for your license and registration, the officer asks you, “how much have you had to drink this evening?” Do you answer the question honestly and say that you have had two glasses of wine? Do you lie and say that you have not had anything to drink, or do you say you've had just one glass of wine? Do you refuse to answer the question altogether?
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Start Gifting with IndyBar's Giving!
By Elizabeth Walker, Becker Bouwkamp Walker PC
2020 has been a year full of new challenges but also new opportunities. The event planning and fundraising efforts of the Indianapolis Bar Association & Foundation are no exception! The final devastating blow: “law prom” has been canceled. Of course, we’re talking about the Indianapolis Bar Foundation annual Evening Under the Stars Gala & Auction. For 2020 (and likely 2021,) in lieu of the annual gala, the IndyBar Foundation will host an online holiday auction: IndyBar’s Giving. This special event will take place during the week of Thanksgiving in an effort to kick-start holiday shopping and get members into the holiday spirit. 
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Top Tips for Drafting and Negotiating Remedies Provisions in Commercial Contracts: Five Takeaways
By Brock Easton, Alerding Castor LLP
The Business Law Section recently hosted a program covering drafting and negotiating remedies provisions in commercial contracts. Here are the things you should remember.
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Looking Back to Look Ahead: Insights into the EDRM
By Helen Geib, Hoover Hull Turner LLP
If past is prologue, the future is bright for the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM). That was an expert panel’s implicit answer to the question posed by the Relativity Fest 2019 session “Is It Time to Rethink the EDRM?”
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