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Posted on: Aug 7, 2020

Don't Forget About Your Mental Health

By Lynsey David, Lewis Wagner LLP

During a time that brings so much uncertainty, the stress of being an attorney – especially a litigator –  is certainly being amplified for many. Now more than ever it is important to take steps to check in and take steps to proactively better your mental health. Taking steps to better your mental health not only pays off in your personal life, but also your professional competency. Here are some articles that provide insights into tools to help counter-act increased anxiety and promote the well-being that is imperative for the legal profession:

The Benefits of Mindfulness for Lawyers

A Full Life: Five Ways to Foster Meaningful Work and Boost Lawyer Well-Being

Also remember that help is available. The Indiana Judges and Lawyers Assistance Program (JLAP) offers help to judges, attorneys and law students who are experiencing life stressors, mental health or substance use issues, or any other issue which may affect their quality of life or ability to practice law. Help varies with an individual's needs or a particular case but ranges from information and referral to one on one or group support to assistance with organization of an intervention. More information for JLAP can be found here.

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