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Posted on: Jun 12, 2020

A Mariposa (Butterfly) Effect

By Enrique Flores, The Flores Law Group LLC

It is hard to ignore the current political climate. News of the protests, racial inequality and the pandemic have taken over all communication outlets. I hear and see comments from people that cannot believe something so horrendous can happen. As a plaintiffs’ attorney, I have learned to expect the unexpected. In fact, my undocumented clients continuously face unrest and uncertainty from their immediate surroundings, as well as places they thought they had left behind.

My practice consists of representing injured individuals, including those who suffered their injuries in a work accident. Because I am a native Spanish speaker, half of my clients do not speak English. And a good majority of my Spanish speakers are undocumented. Earlier this year, I wrote an article based on observations from my practice, for the Workers’ Injury Law & Advocacy Group’s publication, First Watch.

A Freezing Effect from the Desert Southwest deals with the effects that the change of policy at the border with Mexico have had in Indiana. More than that, it offers a small snapshot into the lives of a marginalized group of people. Much like the feelings that fuel the current protests, the reality of these individuals has been there for a long time. As Advocates, we educate ourselves to better understand the challenges presented to us. Our clients, and even others, may look to us for answers. If we can understand the root of what created the challenge, the better our advice will be. But you knew that. 

Stay safe!

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