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Posted on: May 29, 2020

The Indiana Board of Law Examiners has shared additional information about the July 2020 Indiana Bar Exam, which will be conducted virtually on July 28.  Full details are available here.


Schedule: The July 2020 exam will be administered on July 28, 2020 over a period of 7 hours broken up into six separate blocks. (Blocks I through VI) of between 60 and 80 minutes each which will allow applicants the opportunity for breaks and time for lunch. More details regarding the exam schedule will be provided.

Make-Up: The exam will consist of the six-question IEE and a specially-designed twelve question short answer examination covering the seven topics on the MBE.

Timing: Applicants will have four hours to complete the IEE and three hours to complete the specially designed short answer examination on the MBE topics.

  • Time per question breaks down to 40 minutes per the IEE questions and 15 minutes for the MBE short answers.  

Short Answer Questions: The specially-designed short answer exam, consisting of twelve questions written by the Board on the seven topics tested on the MBE, will be offered in three separate one hour blocks of four questions each during the morning session of the exam.

Indiana Essays: The IEE comprises 60% of the exam score and the short answer examination will constitute 40% of the exam score.

  • Weighting per question equates to 40 points per IEE question and 13.33 points per MBE question.

Scoring: A passing score on the July 2020 bar exam will be 264 out of a total number of 400 points. This passing score is the same as the passing score on the traditional two-day, in-person Indiana bar examination.

  • To get to 400 points, 240 possible points on the IEE and 160 possible points on the MBE.

Separately, the Board has published two sample MBE Topic Short Answer questions and answers here. These are as anticipated: a one paragraph question, and a short answer that includes a concise statement of the rule of law and applies that rule to the facts to reach a conclusion.  


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