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Posted on: Jan 31, 2020

By Morgan Decker, Rubin & Levin PC

What is the most common answer a lawyer gives when asked a question? It depends...

This might be your answer to our question, “Will you please send us your IndyBar pictures from over the decades?”

You don’t HAVE to send us your outdated pictures from 1989, but we'd love if you did!

2020 is here and we want to celebrate the history of the Indianapolis Bar Association and its members over the past decades! Please dig through boxes, search the attic and Tupperware containers of yesteryear and send us your pictures of IndyBar members at IndyBar events, meetings, or just having a good time.

We will be using the photos for a slideshow to be played during the grand opening event at the new IndyBar space in April (details to come soon!) Don’t be shy—It’ll be the ultimate throwback, so let’s see them!

Please email any pictures you're willing to share for our slideshow to Kara Sikorski at ksikorski@indybar.org.


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