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Posted on: Dec 12, 2016

As we have previously reported, Mayor Joe Hogsett has expressed interest in improving our Marion County justice processes.  Early in his term he appointed several representatives to meet with primary and secondary stakeholders in the civil and criminal justice systems to identify micro and macro level ideas.  Primary stakeholders are those within city and county agencies.  Secondary stakeholders are all others, including the IndyBar.

We have welcomed the opportunity to continue the dialogue the IndyBar initiated 15 years ago.  We remain committed to the belief that the men and women working in our local court system and the residents of Marion County deserve safe and adequate facilities which are not best provided in the current City-County Building. So, over the past few months the Indianapolis Bar Association has been gathering information through town hall meetings and most recently through the use of a survey.  We have provided the Mayor’s representatives with the results, and a copy of the letter sent is below.

Though bar association leadership will continue to actively push for a voice in any planning of new justice facilities, it is important to note that as a secondary stakeholder ours is not a dominant voice.  Therefore, we urge all members of the legal community with ideas or strong feelings to contact Tim Moriarty, Special Assistant to the Mayor.  His email address is Timothy.Moriarty@indy.gov.

—Indianapolis Bar Association Justice Center Task Force

December 8, 2016

Mr. Timothy J. Moriarty
City of Indianapolis
200 E Washington Street Rm 2165
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Dear Mr. Moriarty:

As you know, the Mayor’s Office requested that the Indianapolis Bar Association (“the IndyBar”) give input regarding the Justice Center project.  Specifically, the Mayor’s Office has asked the IndyBar for its macro-values with regard to the new justice center.

In order to accurately respond to this request, the IndyBar sent a “Survey Monkey” survey to 3,010 attorneys which represent all attorney members with access to Survey Monkey.  The response rate exceeded the mark for validity with 22% participating. This survey asked members to rank in order of importance the following items:

  • Location of the Justice Center
  • Housing of Civil and Criminal Court in the Same Complex
  • Process Integration in the Same Complex (Community Corrections, Probation, Pretrial Services, etc.)
  • Client access for Attorneys (meeting rooms, holding cell proximity, etc.)
  • Technological Improvements


The chart attached demonstrates that the overwhelming concern of our members is the location of the Justice Center. Specifically, it is our members’ desire for the judicial center to remain in the downtown area. The survey shows that this concern is followed (in order) by technological improvements, client access, process integration and finally, housing of civil and criminal courts together.

Please let us know if you have any questions about the survey. We look forward to the continued dialogue with the Mayor’s Office regarding this project and offer to assist your office in any way possible


Justice Center Task Force

The Hon. Robyn L. Moberly, President
Nissa M. Ricafort, President-Elect
James J. Bell, 1st Vice President
John F. Kautzman, Task Force Chair                                            
K. Michael Gaerte, Criminal Justice Section Representative
Michael P. Commons, Family Law Section Chair
Patricia Orloff Erdmann, Litigation Section Chair

Paul T.  Babcock
A. Scott Chinn
Andrew J. Mallon


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