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Posted on: Oct 21, 2015

Over 1.3 million new cases were filed in Indiana trial courts in 2014 according to the Indiana Judicial Service Report. Details on court operations at the county and appellate level for 2014 are available in the Indiana Judicial Service Report and the Indiana Probation Report which can be found online at here.

The following is just some of the information available (calendar year 2014):

  • Over 1.3 million new cases were filed in Indiana trial courts
  • 1,169 civil and criminal jury trials were held statewide
  • 228,570 cases included an individual who went to court without a lawyer
  • 271 murder cases were filed in trial courts
  • 19,486 mortgage foreclosures were filed in the state
  • 14,227 Child In Need of Services (CHINS) cases were filed
  • An interpreter was used in 11,374 trial court cases
  • 4,267 cases were referred to Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • 121,649 adults were under supervision by court probation departments (as of  December 31, 2014)
  • Cities, towns, townships, counties, and the state spent $459 million to operate the courts
  • Filing fees, court costs, user fees, and fines generated $173 million in revenue

The Indiana Judicial Service Report and Indiana Probation Report are produced annually by the Supreme Court’s Division of State Court Administration as required by Indiana statute (IC-33-24-6-3) and Supreme Court administrative rules. 


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